Frequently Asked Questions

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Once we received the confirmation for your order the time takes to prepare and ship from our warehouse referred to as Order Processing Time. Our warehouses located in the United States, Europe, and China, and shipping time depends on the destination where your order shipped from. Please read our delivery policy for more information.

once you place the products in your shopping cart you wish to purchase simply enter your shipping address and you can get our shipping charges accordingly.

We do not charge you additional fees or tax for the purchase. however, you are responsible for,

Your Bank Charges or Fees

Your Payment Partner Charges


Customs and Import Duties of your living country

Please inform our customer care center within 24 hours to inform you about the wrong information. We will not be able to change it after we shipped the products to the mentioned address.

You will not receive a tracking code item values less the USD 25 and has been shipped with standard shipping. If the product does not reach you within the stipulated time please send a mail to support@travmosolo.com with your order details to check on the status.

We accept Visa and Master debit and credit cards. Currently, we are expanding our payment options to bring you more convenience

The website uses a Positive SSL certificate (Socket Security Layer) to protect online transactions with the highest strength encryption. Please click on the POSITIVE SSL Icon on the footer for more information. PositiveSSL is a subsidiary of Sectigo, a worldwide leader in digital web security solutions.

Usually, it will take 3 to 5 days to clear it for the bank account. Sometimes the time may depend on your financial institution and the country.

This situation occurs when our digital stock mismatch with the physical stock availability of the product you have selected. If you encounter an issue like this you are eligible for a full refund or you can wait for the item to be restocked. We make sure to update stock levels frequently to avoid disappointments

Order Cancellations: You can cancel your order if the product not being shipped yet. Please Contact Us as soon as possible to check on the shipping status and cancel your order. However, if the order has been already shipped you can not cancel the order. You can return the product within 14days as an unwanted item. Please read our returns policy

Mismatch of Information: Our customer care agents will contact you to clarify information when there is a mismatch of the information you have provided as an example Name, address after contacting you if we do not receive a written confirmation within 5days will cancel the order and will offer you a refund.

Items out of stock: If any of the purchased items out of stock we will inform you through a mail and if you do not respond within 5days we will cancel the order and offer you a refund