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Barton Marine Small Wincher Pair

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Small Wincher Pair

The Barton Wincher is a specially designed rubber molding that converts your standard winch into a self-tailing winch. This tried and tested design has been a firm favorite with Sailors for many years.

The Wincher works by gripping the rope when the drum is fully loaded and under tension, peeling off the line from the underside of the Wincher as you winch to give a true self-tailing motion.

Cleating is achieved by locking the sheet into the Wincher’s ribbed central groove.

Technical Specifications:

  • Fits Drum Diameter – 2.5″ to 2.75″ (64 to 70 mm)
  • Maximum Rope Diameter – .31″ to .39″ (8 to 10 mm)
  • Weight – 7.13 oz (202 g)

*Sold as a Pair

Additional information

Weight 0.227 kg
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 1 in

4.3 Average Rating Rated (17 Reviews)


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  1. Senior Sailor

    Hard to get on but an economical solution to make an old winch a self tailer!

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  2. Bill

    I installed these Winchers on an O’Day 22 with Barlow 14 winches. My head sail is a 150 Genoa. My first opportunity to try them was in 13-19 knot winds (single handed). I was a little hesitant since I did not know what to expect. My first few tacks and gybes were not pretty! It took me 20 to 30 minutes to figure out the technique for preparing the off loaded winch for the next maneuver but once I did, it was like magic. The winchers held tight on every maneuver….no slippage.Worth every penny.

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  3. Dave

    Much cheaper than new wenches

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  4. Txgal

    I have a pair of Lewmar #7 single speed winches. Followed the instructions installed perfectly. After they cool down they tightened up solid. They self tail sheet perfectly. And added ability to complete is also nice so I don’t have to put in any additional hardware on deck

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  5. Darryl Goldsborough

    fits ok but not tight so need to glue them down

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  6. Kris A

    Work great! Didn’t have to use a soap solution to install, found a different way. They don’t slip on the winch and hold the genoa sheets securely on our US Yachts 22.

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  7. Mike Friese

    Yes, you will need some hand/arm strength to get these on your winches. It is worth it! My boat had a pair of these but they were old and the constant UV exposure hardened them. The new ones work better than expected!

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  8. ZS1RA

    Save up and buy self tailing winches if you really need it.

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  9. Antonio R. Solana

    Perfect fit

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  10. David Lilley

    These work pretty well. You have to put a lot of wraps on the line, but they do a decent job of holding if you keep tension on them.

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  11. Myself

    Set in hot soapy water for a few minutes per instructions and slipped on perfectly. Works better than I expected.

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  12. ROL

    Dislike installation efforts.Very difficult to stretch material over top of Lewarl 7 winch top. Still trying.

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  13. Scott M.

    Heat up in hot soapy water to install and wear gloves.

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  14. BrianBrian

    They take some getting used to, but work pretty darn good! I don’t normally put that many wraps on my winch, so a change in habits. They have released under heavy load, if I forget to cleat the line in it’s groove. Cheating with the winch handle on the winch, is tricky and a bit clumsy. The install was a bit of a challenging and I’d advise getting a second set of hands to help. I did the first one alone, not easy, but doable. Used my boom vang as an assist (see photo). I’ve seen them on boats for years and decided to give them a try.An inspired idea and clever product and I think worth the price of admission.

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  15. Spiritweaver

    Works great. The key to getting them on was dish soap applied to the winches and soaking these in boiling hot water. It helps to have two people for the process.

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  16. Juan A. Perez

    So far has performed s expected. It is not better than a self-tailing winch. But very happy for the price!

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  17. sailavie

    Somewhat difficult to place on winch but once on, works fine.

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