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The Knavigate is a combination of all the best features from K9 Sport Sack’s backpack dog carriers. Available in the widest range of sizes, XS-XL, this carrier works for small through large dogs. Each size is equipped with an internal frame as well as a padded hip belt to comfortably support more dogs/owners of all body types. The Knavigate was made for the most avid adventurers and allows for longer, more strenuous activities with your dog.

For Dogs Ranging 4-50 lbs (2-23 kgs)
  • Sizing from XS to XL!
  • Lap Belt on all sizes
  • Hip Pockets
  • Storage Pocket extending underneath the Pet Base to Bottom of Frame
  • Dog Lumbar Support Straps

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  1. Tia

    This is a great pack that served me and my pup well while hiking in Arizona. He loved riding in it! I bought this pack for the hip belt feature. Im a small woman with back problems and need my pup’s weight distributed on my hips. It is not as great as e.g. my backpacking pack, but it does a good job.There are several features that I think could really improve this pack. I would really like for k9 to make a pack that has an integrated pocket for up to a 3L bladder. I was able to rig together a solution to carry 3 L of water and my 25lb pup for our long desert hikes, but it is definitely suboptimal. I also wish that the spine length was adjustable. I was not able to position the pack on my hips exactly the way I would have liked without having to make the shoulder straps much too long. The spine length adjustment is a great feature in the Rover2 but i would love it for this bag for smaller dogs, for those of us small but active ladies. Finally it bothered me that the chest strap is partially elaticized.this makes no sense to me as I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want this strap to be completely rigid.Overall though the pack is great and I recommend. There is nothing else like it on the market, as far as I can tell!

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  2. Ryan

    Finally found a bag that fits my cocker spaniel

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  3. AR

    Our 16 year old aussie mix loves being out & about with us in her pack. She seems very comfortable in it. She is 30 lbs & we have the xl.

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  4. GilgamishGilgamish

    Want something that will last and be comfortable for both u and your dog while also keeping them very secure? Buy this bag. Pricey but worth it. You’ll never need another. Has extra storage pockets too making it a versatile item. My dog weighs 25lbs she’s quite comfortable in it ☺️

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  5. Kimberly W.Kimberly W.

    Maggie had a stroke 8 months ago. She gets tired easily but that didn’t stop her from seeing Niagara Falls. She loves the K9 sport sack and it’s very comfortable to wear!

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  6. dylan lafont

    My dog is a 50lb pit mix, so pretty bulky. I ordered a large because I measured 23”. Once I got it, I was pretty scared it wasn’t going to fit because it seemed way too small. I managed it and it was snug.The difficulty of getting a hyper dog into this cannot be overstated. Know that you must get the dog to lay down on top of the bag and have them be compliant to get them inside, there’s no way to maneuver them in yourself otherwise. However after trying for a long time and managing to get her in once, I can say the weight is held very well, definitely not bad for carrying 50 pounds. she didn’t seem too distressed or uncomfortable. Went on a test walk, bicycle, and motorcycle ride. Out of those the motorcycle was actually the most comfortable because I can say that it’s also much more comfortable wearing this in a leaned over position, which allows you to use more core than back, otherwise I’m not sure how long you can carry 50 lbs shuffling around on your back. make sure the straps are as tight as possible to prevent the weight shifting! Also, the price still seems extreme for what you get, but I’ll just assume that there are business expenses I’m not aware of.

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  7. Product tester

    This is a very well made backpack! My Min pin loves riding in it! We take him on our motorcycle.

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  8. Katie smithKatie smith

    This pack was a big win for me! For years I’ve used a front side pouch for my dog on longer hikes and it was murder on my shoulder and back. I was hesitant to try a pack like this, however, as I felt it would limit would I could bring (water, safety essentials, snacks). This pack really does it all for my day hikes, and my dog fits very comfortably inside.I read other reviews that said the side packs for water bottles did not stretch, but they must’ve changed the pack, as I was able to fit a large Nalgene inside with no issues. Also, the bottom compartment for other items is just big enough for me to pack my hiking essentials.My dog has had back issues in the past and is getting a little older (and has terrible separation anxiety…) so having this backpack with us now is truly a life changer for us, so we can continue being by active without leaving our little baby home. It is a little pricey, but for me, it is worth it.Best purchase in a while!

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  9. Debbie L. Debbie L.

    My dog 25-lbs Cotton de Tulear is obsessed. When he sees it, he runs and lays on it ready to be tucked in. He has stayed in it for close to two hours without getting squirmy (that’s about his limit though). It’s comfortable enough for me to last 2 hrs too. I ride my bike a lot with him and he LOVES the wind in his hair 😂. Hiking is a little more taxing bc leaning forward on the bike does make it much easier. I love all the storage for poop bags, treats, and even my gear. However, I hate that to access the side pockets I have to either have a friend or take the backpack off. The pockets are so deep that there’s no easy access to keys, water, of anything in those pockets. If they can fix that, the backpack is perfect, but then again, we can’t have it all… 5 stars.

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  10. Dan Flores

    It bag is one of the few options I found for traveling with my 35lbs cattle dog on my motorcycle. It’s for the price I expected quality materials comparable to a laptop bag, what I got was shoddy zippers, brittle plastic clasps and fabric that frays whenever possible. If I didn’t have to replace the clasps with metal ones and zipper with another waterproof YKK one I’d be able to recommend this bad. It’s cool getting able to ride with my dog and with the attention we get if love to share a product like this if only if was held to a higher standard of quality and longevity.

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  11. BillBill

    Our little guys has short legs and going along on longer hikes with other dogs was not possible until now. He loves it and so do we.

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  12. Dan LunaDan Luna

    This was great for when our dog was getting older. We weren’t able to go on hikes with him because he was was slowing down and getting tired. This backpack let us take him on trips. He was very comfortable and would fall asleep at times while we were on the trail.Basenji 28lbs. We used the yoga block and a small blanket to pad the bottom. It took a couple of time to get him used to putting it on, but never had a problem once he was in it.Both me and my wife have carried him in it. The bag is not supper comfortable, but manageable. Especially to get our Cairo out on the trails.

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  13. Darryl K.

    My dog works really well for thins like this so it wasn’t a problem getting her in to it. I bought the large and she’s about 45 lbs and it’s barely big enough. If your dog is bigger then you need the XL which they were out of. I have packed her around with it but have yet to use it for motorcycle rides. Which is what I wanted it for.

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  14. Mkm

    I used the medium sized Knavigate several times a week for walking in the city and on trails as soon as my puppy could fit in it until he grew out of it. The pack still looks like new, as sturdy as the day I bought it. The waist and sternum straps kept my own back comfortable, and the straps on the back to support my puppy’s back helped him stay upright and ready to ride for a couple hours. Pups can’t walk the distance on trails or put their paws down in grocery stores and other business, but mine was always welcome in this backpack. Great value for the money as the back looks and functions like new, and I will easily sell it to a neighbor.

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