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KING WiFiMax™ Pro Router/Range Extender

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WiFiMax™ Pro Router/Range Extender

Stay connected anywhere you go with this essential tool for tech-savvy travelers. Providing a gateway between all your web-enabled devices and the local Wi-Fi source, the KING WiFiMax™ Pro Wi-Fi Router/Range Extender delivers a faster, more powerful connection to Wi-Fi networks wherever you are. No more walking to the coffee shop or visitor center to get Wi-Fi. Now, you can connect right from your vehicle. The compact design requires no installation and setup takes less than one minute. No monthly service fee, no contract, and no impact on bandwidth speed. The KING WiFiMax Pro is ideal for RVers, truckers, campers, tailgaters, and all mobile adventurers who want to remain connected to the internet with superior Wi-Fi performance. 

Internet Connectivity On The Go

These days, tech-savvy travelers need an easy-to-use internet solution that connects the standard array of web-enabled devices found in today’s modern household – everything from smartphones and laptops to gaming systems and printers – to the local Wi-Fi source. Say goodbye to the frustration and wasted time from a slow or spotty internet connection. It’s time for an upgrade! The KING WiFiMax™ Pro Wi-Fi Router/Range Extender makes it easier than ever to have a reliable, secure internet connection in your RV. Now you can surf the internet, check email, and stream your favorite content just like at home – with no monthly service fee or contracts and no impact on bandwidth speed.

Compact Design & Easy Setup

With custom-designed hardware developed to make the KING WiFiMax Pro Wi-Fi Router/Range Extender small enough to fit inconspicuously on a shelf or inside a cabinet, you’ll have plenty of room for your other traveling essentials. An optional wall mount is included with the system; however, no mounting is required to use the WiFiMax Pro. The intuitive setup process is easy to follow and in less than one minute you’ll be ready to connect to available Wi-Fi networks.

Speed & Reliability

When it comes to mobile connectivity, you want maximum speed and reliability. The KING WiFiMax Pro connects to existing Wi-Fi networks from significantly farther away and at super-fast speeds compared to other devices. Let’s say you are camping in your RV at a local campground. The campground has Wi-Fi in the visitor center, but your laptop can’t see it from your coach. Traditionally, if you wanted to get online, you would need to walk to the visitor center and stay there while using the internet. Instead, you connect your laptop to your WiFiMax Pro network. (You create your own Wi-Fi name and password to protect your security on public networks.) You then go to the setup page and scan for nearby networks. With its greater power and range, the WiFiMax Pro can see the visitor center network and offers it as a choice for you to connect. You choose the network and the KING WiFiMax Pro connects your RV Wi-Fi to the visitor center’s internet and you are now set to surf the internet from the comfort and privacy of your coach. It’s as simple as that.

Who Is It For? What Does It Do?

The KING WiFiMax Pro Wi-Fi Router/Range Extender is for anyone who wants to use the internet while on the go, including RVers, long-haul truckers, or anyone with an active mobile lifestyle. The WiFiMax Pro connects users to an existing Wi-Fi source at significantly further distances and at faster speeds than just using a phone or laptop and no more walking over to the coffee shop or visitor center to get Wi-Fi. The KING WiFiMax Pro can connect you to those networks right from your vehicle. This means you can surf the internet, check email, or stream your favorite content, all without ever needing to leave the comfort and privacy of your vehicle.

How It Works:

The KING WiFiMax Pro Wi-Fi Router and Range Extender create your own personal, private, and secure Wi-Fi network, just like you have in your home. When you are in the range of an available Wi-Fi source, or a private network you have the password for—such as a visitor center guest network, coffee shop, hotel, or any other available source—you simply configure the WiFiMax Pro to connect to that network. Then, it extends the internet access from that Wi-Fi source to your own private Wi-Fi network, giving you internet just like you’d have at home. You can connect all your Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as laptops, cell phones, tablets, smart TVs, appliances, and more!


  • The intuitive, one-minute setup process
  • 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz dual-band Wi-Fi for super-fast speeds
  • Customizable Wi-Fi name and password for a secure connection
  • No installation is necessary – simply plug in the router and setup via a phone, laptop, or any other Wi-Fi-enabled device
  • Four antennas with beamforming technologies for the fastest speeds
  • Connect all your devices: phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs and appliances, Wi-Fi-enabled speakers, etc.


  • Dimensions: Enclosure: 12 in W x 7 in D x 8.75 in H
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs.
  • Power: Powered by included 9v power supply, requiring 110V AC plug-in
  • Antennas: 3x 5dBi external omnidirectional antennas/1x 5dBi detachable omnidirectional antenna
  • Wireless Standards: IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Ports: 3 x LAN Ports, 1 x WAN Port
  • Maximum Data Rates: 2.4GHz: up to 300Mbps/5.8GHz: up to 867Mbps/Combined max data rate: 1167 Mbps
  • Supported Frequencies: 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz (dual-band)
  • Security: WPA/WPA2-PSK
  • Setup Requirements: A Wi-Fi-enabled device running most web browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox

What’s Included?

  • KING WiFiMax Pro™
  • 9V Power Supply
  • Additional Antenna x1
  • User’s Manual

A Wi-Fi source is required for this product; the KING WiFiMax cannot be used as a standalone Wi-Fi hotspot.

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