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Outdoor Element Kodiak Survival Paracord Bracelet

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Kodiak Survival Paracord Bracelet

Great survival bracelet

The KODIAK features our patent pending Fire Starting Buckle with ferrocerium (“Ferro rod”) and hardened stainless steel striker, and approximately 8 to 10 feet of survival 550 paracord custom made in the USA to include 2 strands of 20-pound braided fishing line and 1 strand of fire tinder. A fishing hook is also conveniently braided within the paracord. Don’t be caught stranded without a way to catch food or make fire. This is a true survival tool.

About Kodiak


In a survival situation, you will most likely need fire and food. This is when you want the real deal.

The Kodiak contains our patent-pending Ever Spark buckle to provide you with the ability to create fire in your time of need. The Ferro rod in this buckle is thick and strong. The striker plate is made from high-gloss hardened stainless steel which will not only hold up for thousands of strikes, but can also be conveniently used as a reflector to signal help.

A steel # 8 bait hook is braided into your bracelet, providing you with the means to catch your next meal. Our custom USA-made survival paracord contains two strands of 20 # braided fishing line as well as 1 strand of jute, which is an excellent fire tinder. In addition, the paracord has 7 strands of nylon inside for binding, lashing or a myriad of other uses.

The paracord sheath is great as a rope substitute. Don’t trust your survival to anyone but the best. Insist on The Kodiak by Outdoor Element.

Don’t Find anything, Find Quality

Product Feathers

  • Colors: OD Green, Red, Black
  • Patented buckle with ever spark technology for easy fire starting
  • Braided in the USA
  • Fire tinder and extra nylon cord included inside the survival cord
  • 2 lines of 20 lb fishing line inside the survival cord
  • #8 bait hook included
  • Striker plate on buckle doubles as an emergency reflector

Size Dimensions

Small: Inner circumference, buckled: 6.50 inches (16.51 cm)

Medium: Inner circumference, buckled: 7.50 inches (19.05 cm)

Large: Inner circumference, buckled: 8.50 inches (21.59 cm)

(Example, My wrist measures 7 inches and a Medium fits me perfect)

Recommended sizing per wrist size:

Small: 5.75 – 6.38 inches

Medium: 6.38 – 7.38 inches

Large: 7.38 – 8.38 inches

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OD Green, Black, Red


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